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- She was born on April 11, 1965, in village Ude, Adigeni region, Georgia. 

- In 1990, she graduated from Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Tbilisi State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Philology. 

- In 1990-2006, she was engaged in pedagogical activity and worked as a teacher at No. 10 public school in the city of Rustavi. 

- Since 2007, she had been working as a designing artist at the association of libraries in Rustavi. 

- Since 2000, she had been a member of the Artists’ Union of Georgia. 

- In 2003, Ia Mgebrishvili was granted a Patent for invention for the Original Idea by SAKPATENTI, Georgian National Intellectual Property Center. 

- In 1995, a story of active artistic work of a self-taught artist started. In different years, Ia regularly participated in the Republican and International exhibitions, contests and festivals. She was awarded with diplomas, certificates, including the certificate by Ilia II, the Catholicos-Patriarch of All-Georgia. 

- Ia had several personal exhibitions at the National Gallery of Georgia, residence of the Patriarch, Pupils’ and Youth Palace (invited by the Ambassador of Rumania to celebrate the national holiday of Rumania). 

- Ia was an International Art Festival prize-winner.

- In 2007, her works were exposed at the World Artists’ International Exhibition in Bielefeld, Germany. 

- Ia was invited to Essen, Germany, in 2008. 

- Ia Mgebrishvili’s exhibitions have been reported by the news agencies of Georgia and foreign countries. 

- TV programs and a documentary (“Arachne’s explication”) showing Ia Mgebrishvili’s art have been shot. The artist wrote: “Arachne is my art, i.e. spider and me.”

- The original works by Ia Mgebrishvili are found in the private collections of different countries (Georgia, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, USA).

- Ia Mgebrishvili, the author of this unique art, deceased on March 3, 2010.